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Welcome to Kite. Enjoy the following selection of pages:

Enjoy the whimsy and genius of Escher in this archive of the Work of M. C. Escher.

Search for your favorite pictures by Escher, or browse through this large collection of artwork.

If you hated high-school English, or even if you liked it, you're sure to enjoy the Personalized Shakespearean Insult Service.

Get your very own insult, to keep and treasure forever, and check out Kite's services to support the true insult addict.

Try Dr. Demento cereal.

A wacky part of this complete breakfast.

Check out the Randomness page, home of the amazing, the mundane, and the downright stupid.

Includes links to usage stats, pages by other users of Kite, programs that are available from this server, and other pages that didn't fit here.

Kite is a creation of Joey Hess.

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