Kite: A Blast from the Past

So you've been surfing around a bit, and after starting at your netscape home page (filled with random bits and peices of all sorts of stuff), taking a trip by a a GeoCities home page (swatting away pop up ads as you go) and looking at all the pretty pictures and nearly crashing your browser on some peice of java, then popping over to SlashDot (which takes a full 5 minutes to load and then subjects you to animated banner ads) for some news, you eventually end up here.

And it looks weird.

The background is this odd dull grey color. The page isn't full of little icons bouncing around, or weird sized text, or tables full of things, or blinking stuff. It loads quickly, but then it just sits there. Eventually, bored, you actually take a moment to read it, instead of randomly clicking on the next pretty picture to go to the next crawling web page.

Welcome to the early web

Welcome to the web cira 1995, when inlined graphics were new, online shopping unheard-of; when pages loaded quickly over a 28.8 modem and looked just fine when viewed in your text mode browser; when pages were worth reading.

These pages really haven't changed much since then -- you'll still find some dated 1996 on this site, because everything that came after was bunk. If that annoys you, go elsewhere. If it doesn't, I encourage you to go forth and make some real web pages, filled with thoughtful, insightful, and amusing text.