So, you're an insult addict, huh? Do you have a incessant craving for "just one more" insult?

If so, you can stop shaking, mop up your nervous sweat, and read on to find..

Other ways to get insults

For a quick fix, just dash of an email message to In the body of the message, write something that includes the magic word, "insult". You will be mailed one insult for each line that contains that word.

Or, you could finger for an even quicker insult fix.

If you're a regular user, you might want to subscribe to Kite's Insult Mailing List, which will provide you with insults on a regular basis. Send mail to with something like this as the subject of the message:

subscribe 7
That would get you one insult per week. You can change the '7' to some other number if you want to vary the freqency.

If you want to spread the fun to others, you can mail your friends insults with Insults By Mail.