Kitenet is my home ethernet network, * It's a 10BaseT network, based around a 5 port Acctron hub, which is a great source of the blinking lights ambience every computer room should have. This page is devoted to the devices that are hanging off of this network. I can't imagine why anyone would find this interesting, or even useful, unless you plan to burgle my house.. Anyway, let's start with the computers themselves:

Computer Purchase price CPU Memory Disk Video card Monitor Network hookup Case Other drives Sound Pepherials
Kite $0 PII-400 128 MB 4.0 GB + 8.7 GB (ultra SCSI) Matrox Millenium II AGP w/8MB RAM 19" SVGA Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100 Wide-tower 3", 40x CD 16 bit SoundBlaster
Dragon $2,300 P-166 80 MB 5.6 GB Diamond Stealth 64 w/2MB RAM 17" SVGA NE2000 clone, Wavelan wireless link Full-tower (with about 10 drive bays) 3" and Conner 125 MB tape backup Crappy 16 bit card plus microphone and speakers Wyse terminal, 56k modem
Paper $1,100 P-133 MMX 16 MB 1.4 GB Chips and Tech w/2MB RAM 12.1 LCD NE2000 ethernet and/or 33.6 modem PCMCIA cards Laptop; 7-9 lbs total 10x CD drive sound blaster compatable 3" floppy
Box $1,800 486/33 DX 20 MB 1 GB Trident 1 MB 14" SVGA NE2000+ clone Mini-tower 3" and 5" printer, Wyse terminal
Silk $2,300 PII-400 64 MB 12 GB NeoMagic 2.5 MB 8.9" XGA (1024x480) PCMCIA (ethernet or Wavelan wireless) Laptop; 2 lbs total Yamaha 3" floppy, integrated digital camera
Totals $7,500 5 cpu's 308 MB 32.7 GB 15.5 MB RAM

Kitenet is connected to the internet via an ADSL line. Nice and speedy.. To get a better idea of how all this fits together, you can look at the
network topology (also available as a .fig).

Linux Inside

So, that sums up the hardware, on to the more interesting side, the software that runs on this pile of silicon. Kitenet is running some special software that just happens to be free.

Kitenet runs Linux, a free UNIX-like operating system for PC's.

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If you're interested in seeing some pictures of Linux in action, I've set up a page with links to some screenshots.