Kitenet computers: silk

Paper is a sweet little Sony Vaio Picturebook. Smaller than a normal notebook, this form factor of computer is common in Japan, but has not caught on in the US. I got it in Spring of 2000 for $2,300.

Silk is that rare beast - a personal linux machine that hasn't accidentially turned into a server. All the rest of my linux machines end up being essential to kitenet's operation, but silk is just my personal laptop, not used for anything else. I use it as a linux home away from home, as a coffie-table computer, and as another CPU to build Debian packages on.

Besides its size, silk is distinguished by the integrated digital camera.

Silk is networked to the internet wirelessly while I'm at home. Very nice.

If you're interested on running linux on a Picturebook, take a look at this web page about it.