The Wyse terminals

While you're roaming through my pages, you're probably being watched.. your every move recorded on one of my Wyse75 terminals.

I own four of these terminals (one near-dead), and I really like 'em. They look similar to the Wyse35 pictured above. Compared to the clunky-looking box, or the ok but huge kite, I think that a Wyse looks really cool..too bad it doesn't have a color screen..

I got the terminals second-hand, and have no manuals, and I'm still finding new cababilities, like the built-in calculator, and the cool smooth scrolling effects they can do. If you own documentation from a Wyse75, I'd love to hear from you!

These terminals are starting to show their age. They occasionally make high-pitches hums when turned on. One has a screen that's too dim even with the brightness turned all the way up, and the screen sometimes flickers on and off. It also looks very scarey inside (cracked flyback transformer), and got it's case smashed during a move. It's in semi-perminant retirement.

Two of the remaining wyse's are connected to host computers kite and box by null-modem cables, and run at 19200 baud. Not blazing fast, but quite comfortable.

Just remember, ctrl+shift+enter (not return) is what turns off the annoying keyclick. For more info, see this page. Wyse has also put up the technical specs.