These are programs that I've worked on. I'm a Debian linux developer, check out my Debian packages page. If you use RedHat Linux, instead, check out my RPMs page. If you'd like the source to any of the CGI scripts used on Kite, please email me and I'll send it to you.

Programs Under Development

These programs are still being actively developed and supported.


Pdmenu is a easy to use text based menu system, designed for novice or inexperienced users who can't deal with a shell prompt, or for those who want a pretty menu to dress up their system. More information on the Pdmenu home page.


Alien is a linux package converter. It can convert between rpm, slp, tgz, and deb formats. More information on the Alien home page.


Ticker scrolls text accross a line of your screen. It can communicate with backend programs to do more interesting stuff, like display Slashdot and Freshmeat news headlines. More information on the Ticker home page.


Debhelper makes creating debian packages easier.


Debconf is a configuration system for debian packages.


Wmbattery is a windowmaker laptop battery info dockapp.


Sleepd puts your laptop to sleep when it's not being used


Dpkg-repack puts an unpacked .deb file back together again.

Miscellaneous stuff

I'm not really maintaining any of this any longer, for various reasons.

The Oplbeep Kernel Patch

This is the 1st real modification I've made to the linux kernel. Oplbeep replaces the PC speaker's beep with a chime played over the soundcard. I adapted this patch, which was originally for the 1.1.75 kernel, to work on 2.0, and maybe higher kernel versions.

As patches go, it's not much, but I'm proud of it.

Note that the actual author of oplbeep put out a new version with many new bells and whistles. I prefer the old one, since it's simpler, and I prefer the sound it makes, so I will continue to maintain it.

Saveform 3.02a

Saveform is a WWW form proccessing tool that is designed to run in either DOS, Windows or UNIX, and to be highly powerful and extensible, while remaining very easy to use.


Perlmoo is a lambdamoo-like moo, written in perl.


I enjoy cramming lots of code into a tiny space to be used as a signature. Here's the file containing the .signature programs I've written.


One of my signature programs is listed on the 99 bottles of beer on the wall page.

I've also made a small contribution to the most diminutive munitions program, a perl program which implements RSA encryption and decryption, and is small enough to use as a signature file.

Unsupported Programs

These programs are unsupported. I wrote them for windows, and now I don't run windows anymore. You might find them useful, but I won't be fixing any bugs that you find. The source for all of these is available by request.


Foremenu is a powerful menuing program launcher for Windows, designed to be used as a replacement for Program Manager. Before switching to Linux, I used ForeMenu daily on Kite.


Htmlblast was designed to make it easy for me to sign and date my web pages. It will automatically add the date, custom signatures, etc to pages.


Gform makes it easy for you to add forms to your server, without writing programs to handle the background details. My feedback page used Gform, before I switched to Linux.