The many faces of Debconf

screen shot
Debconf, configuring itself using a slang frontend.
screen shot
This is Debconf too, with a different frontend.
screen shot
Debconf again, using a text editor as its frontend.
screen shot
Debconf again, using a gnome frontend.

Debconf is a configuration management system for Debian packages. For an overview of what exactly debconf does, see the debconf user's guide. If you're interested in making your packages use it, you will find this tutorial helpful.

Debconf is available in CVS. Browse the repository online, or check out the debconf module by following these instructions.

Contacting the Author

I welcome all bug reports, feature requests, and comments. Just email me, or send me a standard debian bug report. Better yet, mail the debconf mailing list.

Debconf usage stats are updated daily.