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Pdmenu is a full screen menuing system for Unix. It is designed to be easy to use, and is suitable as a login shell for inexperienced users, or it can just be ran at the command line as a handy menu.

Pdmenu features color support and GPM mouse support at the Linux console. It was developed on Linux, and has now been compiled on many other unixes without problems.

I was prompted to write Pdmenu when I took a look at a shell script that used dialog to generate similar menus. The shell script was huge, complicated, and ugly, and had to be modified manually to add anything to the menu. I hope that Pdmenu is better.

Here are some screen shots of pdmenu in action:

opening screen with some submenus with an input box running a program displaying a file

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I welcome all bug reports, feature requests, and comments. Just email me.