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Ticker is a simple little program that scrolls a message across the top or bottom line of your screen, in a manner similar to a stock ticker. In fact, since ticker supports communicating with a program that changes the text periodically, it could be used to implement a stock ticker. Currently, though, the only data gathering program available is one that displays Slashdot and Freshmeat news headlines on the ticker.

Ticker was really designed for use at the Linux console or even better, on a dumb terminal, but as you can see from the screenshots, it works great in an xterm. It's sometimes nice to use the splitvt program to split the screen into a line for ticker and a large area for a shell to run in, so you always have ticker running at the top of your display. (If you do that and you don't use debian, you may want to build splitvt with this patch which allows you to run ticker in a 1 line high window.

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